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Jacob Deleuran Grunnet
Ph.D., M.Sc.E. Control Engineering
Control Lead Engineer

Welcome to

This is the personal website of Jacob D. Grunnet. This homepage gives some background information on me mostly on a professional level. There might one day be a special area for friends and relatives, but for now you can send me an email or look me up on facebook if you want to keep in touch.

Below is a short informal description of who I am, while a traditional CV is available in the personal information section.

Professional Profile

As the name of the website suggests I'm educated as a control engineer with a specialisation in Intelligent Autonomous Systems and I also hold a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

In my current position as control lead engineer at Vestas Turbies R&D I have the privilege to develop and analyse control system solutions for multi-MW offshore turbines.

I'm previous position with LAC engineering as a control specialist, my main responsibility was development of control systems and related tasks within the wind energy field. I was specifically focusing on modern control techniques for load reducing control of wind turbines.

In my position as Post Doc. at AAU my main responsibility was constructing a simulator toolbox and developing a benchmark problem for farm control. The project gave me the opportunity to familiarise myself with wind turbine control and opened up a new avenue for me professionally.

I completed my PhD within control theory in 2009 and although the initial motivation was spacecraft systems the majority of my time was spend on developing a control method for hybrid systems. The major contribution of my thesis was bridging a gap between computer science and control theory in order to synthesise controllers for non-deterministic systems.

The result was a Matlab toolbox PAHSCTRL, which can be used to generate fault tolerant control strategies given a goal/avoid set specification.

I spent a lot of my Master working with satellites, and it was here i developed an interest for spacecraft systems. This is reflected in the many satellite projects linked in the menu. The experience I obtained with real world problems, real deadlines, and complex products is invaluable not to mention the fun and opportunities I have received as a consequence of my involvement in the student space community.


I'm a very knowledge hungry person, always looking for the next interesting subject, and I hope I never get satiated.

I believe in co-operation and in the “Aalborg hive mind”, i.e. the sum is greater than its parts when it comes to development and research.

Other than that I'm an open minded person, rich on initiative, and I enjoy the lighter points of everyday life.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so I of course have a number of hobbies.

I enjoy cooking, mostly French and Italian cuisine, but a traditional Danish course is also on the menu every now and then.

When spring and summer comes you might also find me on my old school 4x4 roller skates playing around wherever there is a smooth surface, or on my motor bike exploring the country roads.

If the weather is nice there is a good chance that I will be on the water enjoying wind and waves in my small 27 foot sail-boat.

During the darker times you are probably more likely to find me reading a good sci-fi or fantasy novel or on-line playing a game or two.